[S23] E-mail correspondence with Judy Russwurm

Subject: Russwurm family tree corrections
Date sent: Sun, 18 May 2003 18:44:54 -0400

Dear Mr. Jonkman
I happened to stumble across your family tree website. I thought I would give you some corrections.
The family I am connected to is as follows:
(Corrections in Red)
Alfred Otto Russwurm (son of George (Jr.) Russwurm & Amelia Wolfram)
born: April 16, 1925
died: May 22, 1992 buried St. John's Pioneer Lutheran Cemetery, Carrick Twp
married: Vera Russwurm May 30, 1951, Ayton, ON


Paul Alfred Norman Russwurm
born: December 3, 1953 Walkerton
married: Judith Hill May 10, 1974, Neustadt, ON

Joseph Paul Wayne Russwurm
born: Oct. 12, 1974, Walkerton

Gregory Alfred Clayton Russwurm
born: August 11, 1977, Walkerton

Leanne Crystal Russwurm
born: April 27, 1981, Walkerton

(NOTE: There was no son, Keith born to this family. The fact is that I (Judith) had a brother who died 43 years ago, I don't know how his name got included in the Russwurm tree)

Carl Reuben Russwurm
born: February 25, 1955, Walkerton
married: Cheryl McArthur, October 21, 1989, Creemore, ON


Derek Carl Russwurm
born: August 25, 1991, Walkerton

Theresa Lynn Russwurm
born: January 11, 1994

Eric Leroy Russwurm
born: February 7, 1958, Walkerton
died: July 21, 1975, buried St. John's Pioneer Cemetery, Carrick Twp.

(Eric and Brenda weren't married - they were brother & sister)
Brenda Amelia Emma Russwurm
born: October 1, 1966

Children (single mother)

Kayley Emma Russwurm
born: January 20, 1990

Ethan Eric Russwurm
born: December 29, 1997

I have also contacted a member of Edgar Russwurm's family and given her your website. Either she will contact you or you can contact her (Janet Russwurm) (Edgar's daughter-in-law)
I know she was working on the same thing. Also, George Russwurm Jr & Amelia Wolfrom were married in 1910 - their oldest son, Edgar was born in 1911. Edgar had 10 children - anyway, Janet can probably update you on that branch. Also, today Runa (Geberdt) Russwurm (Alvin's wife) died this morning. (May 18, 2003)

Hope this is of some help to you - your website makes interesting reading.
Any questions about anything in this email feel free to contact me.
Judy Russwurm


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