[S31] E-mail correspondence with Heiko Stock

Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 14:27:02 +0100
From: "Stock, Heiko HTC/DE/FRA"
Subject: Genealogy Update

Hello Bob,
as you can see, mey name is Heiko Stock.
I ve read your genealogy of our families. It is very great, you did a very
big job.
Now I will tell you some details of the Stock-family:
Carina Stock, my sister, isn t married with Roland Herbert. She only got
the children of him, but Roland isn t involved with our family.
Malcome, the first son of her, lives at Carina s and my parents Heidrun and
Heinz-Jürgen Stock.
Malcome was born in Marburg and Damian and Raven in Giessen.
I ve married last year, at the 19 th of July 2003 my wife Iris Mellech, now
her last name is Stock, too.
Iris was born in Marburg.
Now we live together in Marburg.
Iris parents are Hans Werner Mellech and Johanna Mellech, borned Jennemann.
They live in Kirchhain-Stausebach and they have two daughters, Iris and

Are we relatives, too. I think so but what is the title of it.

Many greetings and thank you for your great work,

yours, Heiko Stock

Heiko Stock

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Abt. Beschaffung
Lyoner Str. 25
60528 Frankfurt am Main
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